Has polishing alloy wheels become your weekend job?

Do you love coming home after a tough week out on the road to spend your weekend polishing your rigs alloy wheels?

Of course you don’t!

Polishing a set of truck, trailer or bus alloy wheels can take up a huge chunk of your life. Depending on the size of your rig, the average driver can spend up to 200 hours per year polishing their alloy wheels.

That’s 4 hours per week! You’ve lost half your Saturday polishing your alloy wheels.

But keeping your trucks’ professional presentation really matters, and you can miss out on new business if your rig (or bus) isn’t up to scratch.

So how do you keep your rig looking good for potential business without giving up your weekends?

Well, it’s easier than you think.


The true cost of standard alloys

Spending hours polishing your alloy wheels isn’t just a hassle – it’s not very good for business either.

Unfortunately for one bus company they were paying the ultimate price for this lesson. Over $100K, to be exact.

These guys ran a tight ship, and as their expertise won them more clients, their business started seriously growing.

They were getting many new buses every year, adding onto an existing fleet of hundreds! But with this growth came the price of polishing wheels – something that I’m sure a lot of organisations can relate to.

Eventually, the work required was so huge, they had to hire a full time wheel polisher, just to keep their busses looking up to standard. This, along with ongoing maintenance and presentation checks, left them paying over $100,000 per year to keep their wheels nice and polished. That’s a fifth of the Prime Minister’s salary!

Luckily for these guys, they decided to work smarter rather than harder, and fitted chrome alloy wheels to their buses.


No time to polish your alloy wheels? No problem!

With chrome wheels you will never have to polish again.


Chrome alloy wheels require no polishing whatsoever! Due to its chemical makeup, chrome is almost as tough as diamonds – so it’s extremely resistant to marks and scratches.

And because the surface of chrome is so slick, it doesn’t hold dirt and grime.

Don’t believe us? Click here to see how you can clean up a chrome wheel in just 41 seconds!


Best of all, chrome alloy wheels turn heads! They look good – amazing even. The kind of look that you want for your truck or bus, so you can catch the eye of any potential business.

And that bus company?

Since swapping their fleets to chrome wheels, they’ve been able to redirect that time and money into more productive things than ensuring their wheels are up to scratch.


Get your time back with chrome alloy wheels.

If you drive a standard six-wheel truck, you’re losing 200 hours of your life just polishing those wheels. It’s practically a second job if you’ve got an 18 wheeler.

If you fit your rig with chromed wheels, you can reclaim that time because they require no polishing!

Think about what you could do with 200 extra hours in a year!

It means more time for movies, outings, and time with family and friends. (And more time to earn money!)

The more wheels you have, the more time and money you will save.


Need a set of chromed wheels? You need Superchrome.

There are many methods for polishing alloy wheels. The more time you spend can improve the result, but no method will give you as good a finish as Superchrome alloy wheels.

Superchrome alloy wheels require no polishing – just a quick clean, and they’re good as new.

Best of all, Superchrome can take the guesswork out of getting a new set of chrome wheels.

You can have a new set of premium chrome alloy wheels within days, backed by a seven year warranty with dedicated dispatch and delivery to wherever you want in Oz.

Are you ready to give up polishing wheels for good?

Want the best looking wheels in the business?

Ready to reclaim that time and money?

Then give us a call on +61 2 9727 5622, or if you want to work out your exact savings by not having to polish your alloy wheels anymore, click here.