Superchrome chromed wheels

The best looking wheels in the business

...and you'll never have to polish them again.

Got a spare 41 seconds? Watch our video to learn how easy it is to maintain Superchrome wheels.    Watch the video now

Chrome wheels for trucks, trailers, and buses

Reduce maintenance costs associated with polishing, painting, and replacing your steel and alloy wheels.

How much could chromed alloy wheels save you?

Our Lifetime Savings Calculator will give you an estimate of how much money Superchrome could put back in your pocket.

What our customers have to say

I always choose Superchrome wheels. They save me significant cleaning time and they last much longer than standard wheels, which saves me money too. The added bonus is that Superchrome’s chrome wheels exceed my contract’s truck and trailer presentation agreements.

Kim PatenGerimoo Pty Ltd

Nearly all my new trucks are on Superchrome wheels these days. Anyone who knows me, knows I like my trucks to look good, but if it can extend the life of my wheels and stop my drivers from spending time polishing – that’s a bonus!

Geoff SomervilleSomerville Transport

Our buses run across many dirt or unsealed roads,and we found ourselves painting and repainting steel wheels or continually polishing the dull and pitting marks out of alloys, just to meet our presentation standards – it was costing us so much time and money! Superchrome has extended the life of our wheels, with no painting or polishing down time. This has saved money over the lifetime of the bus, with the added bonus of exceeding presentation standards.

Scott SearleHannaford’s Bus Service

After meeting the Superchrome team and learning about their 7 year warranty, this gave me the confidence to fit the Superchrome brand to our new truck including super single steers.

I am extremely happy with both the quality and ease of maintenance of the chrome wheels and the service that I received from Superchrome.

Scott WaitesDirector, North Coast Towing