Superchrome at the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show

Make your trailers stand out from the crowd with chrome wheels

A new trailer is like a new TV. Big, shiny, exciting – and the better ones are going to cost you more. It’s a story as common as they come: You think “why spend big on a new TV when ALDI have one in their special buys?” But then you go to watch your cheap […]

Contract competition is tight – here’s how to stay on top

Thanks to the COVID-19 shutdowns, lower demand, and pauses on things like freight and imports, the trucking industry is feeling the strain. Drivers who usually rely on a steady stream of work in their own niche of the market have lost some of their regular jobs and are having to look further afield for new […]

Looking to save some extra cash during COVID-19 shutdowns? Here’s how to do it

By now, everyone is feeling some of the impacts of coronavirus.  For the trucking industry, it’s affecting us all in a lot of different ways. Some businesses are booming, others are slowing down, and we’re all trying to figure out what things are going to look like in the next week, month or year. If […]


The Coronavirus has been a catastrophe for many industries, with the final damage yet to be accounted for. We realise some businesses may be experiencing reduced cashflows right now, and we hope they can take advantage of government subsidies being offered. To further help ease the situation, and to protect the jobs and futures of […]

Why Truck Wheel Maintenance Time is Wasted Time

It’s not hard to find people who believe that the time spent maintaining your truck wheels is almost as important as the time spent inside your truck. We’re not one of them. There’s no doubt wheel maintenance is important. After all, your wheels are what get you from point A to point B. You need […]