Make your trailers stand out from the crowd with chrome wheels

A new trailer is like a new TV. Big, shiny, exciting – and the better ones are going to cost you more. It’s a story as common as they come: You think “why spend big on a new TV when ALDI have one in their special buys?” But then you go to watch your cheap ALDI telly and the picture isn’t quite right. The sound doesn’t thrill you. And when you get it into your house, it seems rather small.

It’s so underwhelming, you don’t even want to watch it. And the money you ‘saved’ on the purchase goes completely to waste. But what does this have to do with buying trailers?

Trailers have long lifespans, and you want them to perform at their best for as long as they can. So before buying you need to ask, am I going to get not just a good purchase price, but continuous value for years after I buy it?

Sellers should be asking a similar question – can I provide a product that will make me competitive, but also give buyers what they need and want?

If you think basic trailers and low prices give you the best advantage, it might be time to think again.


The purchase price isn’t the only cost

Everyone loves a good deal. But too often we can get caught up in the sale price and forget the costs we might face later down the track. If sellers are driven to sell at low prices, it’s because that’s what buyers are demanding.

But for buyers, the cost of a trailer adds up to more than just the initial purchase price. You also need to consider the ongoing costs, including:


Trailers have a lot of wheels, and these wheels need cleaning, polishing, and replacing. Continuous maintenance and upkeep are required to keep trailers looking good and functioning right. Trailers have a long lifespan, and when you add up these costs over years and years, they can rival – or even dwarf – the initial investment.


Your basic alloy wheels are soft, damage-prone and have a lifespan that is nowhere near that of the trailer. The more often wheels need replacing, the more time the trailer spends off the road – and the longer it takes for the buyer to make a return on their initial investment.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – looks matter. Many jobs these days require a certain presentation standard, and if trailer owners can’t meet it, they’ll miss out on securing the work. Particularly in a time when competition in the market is fiercer than ever [LINK], presentation is vital.

Want real value? Go Superchrome

As business opportunities drop and markets become more competitive for both trailer manufacturers and trailer owners, both parties need to find a way to keep their nose in front of the competition.

And what’s the best way to capture attention? With something shiny.

We’re only half joking. Shiny thing

s are a great way to capture attention. But you need to back it up with something even better to keep that attention. Which is why chrome wheels work so well on trailers.

It’s no secret that compared to alternatives, chrome wheels are tougher, longer lasting and much easier on the eye. And as more buyers realise the advantages of chrome, the demand for trailers that come already chromed is increasing.

Yes, it bumps up the initial purchase price of the trailer. But it also increases the value to sellers and buyers.

Chrome helps Manufacturers:

  • Stand out from competitors
  • Offer a superior product to their buyers
  • Win sales without lowering prices

Chrome helps Buyers:

  • Reduce maintenance and cleaning costs
  • Always meet presentation standards
  • Lower the costs over the life of your w
    heels and trailer

Chrome is hard not to love – and with chrome, your trailers will be known as the best looking out there.

Superchrome trailer wheels


Everyone’s a winner with Superchrome

Superchrome offer quality chromed wheels that require no polishing, minimal maintenance and by reducing wear with the hard finish, they often last more than twice the length of time of non-chromed wheels.

All Superchrome wheels also come with a 7-year chrome warranty, so you can be sure you’re receiving the best quality (and best looking) wheels in the business.

We work with manufacturers to fit their trailers with chrome prior to purchase, as well as with individuals looking to get chromed wheels for their new or second-hand trailer.

Ready to buy? Visit our how to buy page to learn about our various options.

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