Why now is the right time to switch to chrome alloy wheels

Twenty years ago, chrome steel wheels made up the majority of our sales – 90% of them, in fact. But over the last decade, these numbers have flipped and now 90% of our sales are for chrome alloy wheels.

So why have chrome alloy wheels become the wheel of choice for trucks, trailers, and coaches, and should you consider switching to them as well? We take look into why the industry has done a 180 towards chrome alloy wheels, and why they are now the wheel that we recommend for all our customers.

Why are steel wheels no longer the best choice?

Wheels often have a tough life. They drive across multiple terrains over incredible distances – and they have to look good doing it.

And whilst steel wheels have served drivers of all kinds well over the years, there are 4 distinct disadvantages of steel wheels:

1. Steel wheels are heavier

Steel wheels can weigh twice as much as their alloy counterparts. And for anyone whose job it is to drive supplies over long distances, it’s clear that less weight in the wheels means more weight in the amount of product you can carry.

For example, a trailer that has 32 wheels can save almost 400kg in weight if its outside wheels were replaced with chrome alloy wheels. What could you do with a spare 400kg?

2. Steel wheels are more easily damaged

Steel rusts quite easily and can’t be exposed to harsh or humid environments for long – a clear problem for vehicles that drive up and down the coast of Australia.

And when wheels aren’t durable, they’ll need to be replaced more frequently and cost the vehicle owner more in the long term.

3. Steel wheels take longer to clean

Fleet owners know that it can take hours to clean wheels – but clean wheels are important to have in order to be presentable. Presentable fleets get more jobs, look better on the road, and can even win prizes.

4. High-quality steel wheels are hard to get a hold of

Steel wheels are no longer being manufactured in Australia, and it’s becoming harder to find good quality steel wheels from international manufacturers. Complicating matters further, the global pandemic has affected the global supply chain, and wheels are no longer arriving on time, costing fleet owners money in lost revenue.

So are chrome alloy wheels the solution to these problems?

Why chrome alloy wheels are the superior choice

It’s clear that fleet and vehicle owners need to look for a solution that can help keep them on the road for longer. And chrome alloy has proven itself over and over that it’s the wheel of choice for trucks, trailers, and coaches.

What kind of benefits will fleet and vehicle owners reap from chrome alloy wheels?

Chrome alloys let you take on more

With the lighter weight of chrome alloy wheels, you’re able to fit more product on your rig, rather than letting it be wasted on heavy wheels. And if you choose to save on weight altogether, you’re able to get your vehicle to go faster and reduce wear and tear from carrying extra weight.

Chrome alloys let you go for longer

Superchrome’s alloy wheels come with an industry-leading 7-year warranty – which is a world first. Super hard chrome protects the wheel from harsh environments, enabling drivers to take their wheels anywhere.

Our wheels often outlast the vehicles that they’re put on, with customers keeping their wheels for 10-15 years and using them on their new vehicles.

Chrome alloys are more presentable

Chrome alloy wheels look better and can be made spotless in mere seconds with almost zero effort. Watch us clean dirt and other debris off our wheels at lightning speed here.

Chrome alloy wheels are able to save you hours of cleaning time and effort, as well as helping you land more jobs thanks to how good your rig looks.

Chrome alloys reduce your costs all around

When you consider the long-term savings in wheel replacements and the ability to carry more product, as well as the hours saved on spent cleaning, it’s clear that the initial cost of chrome alloy wheels is made back over the long term.

So how do you go about replacing your wheels with chrome alloy?

Here’s how you can get chrome alloy wheels for your vehicle

Ready to switch to Australia’s best-looking wheels? There are two options:

Option 1: If you don’t want to replace your current steel wheels

For the fleet and vehicle owners that aren’t ready to completely replace their wheels, we offer the option to provide alloyed rims to replace the steel. This process involves us either fitting in longer studs to the hubs or using a special nut.

We will also provide a pro-rata 5-year warranty on these, in which the vehicle owner will have to cover half the cost of replacing the wheel if it cracks during the warranty period.

Oftentimes, this can be a long and expensive process that ends up costing more than simply replacing the wheels with new chrome alloys.

Option 2: If you’re ready to buy new chrome alloy wheels

If you’re ready to purchase brand new wheels, it’s an easy process. Superchrome wheels are sold direct or through dealerships.

If you’re purchasing a new vehicle, make sure to tell the dealership that you want Superchrome, and they’ll handle it all for you.

If you’re purchasing the wheels from us directly, we’ll ask you the specifications of your vehicle, such as the make, whether it’s American or European, and the wheel size. (Our top tip for purchasing new wheels: make sure you have your vehicle’s specs ready to go!)

Once we’ve established exactly what wheels you need, we’ll organise a location to send them to and soon you’ll be picking up your brand-new wheels.

Start on the path to chrome wheels today

We offer Australian-made chrome alloy wheels that are easier to maintain, quicker to clean, and last longer. All Superchrome wheels also come with a 7-year chrome warranty, so you can be sure you’re receiving the best quality wheels in the business.

We work with manufacturers to fit their trailers with chrome wheels prior to purchase, as well as with individuals looking to get chromed wheels for their new or second-hand trucks, trailers, and coaches.

To get a quote, contact sales@superchome.com.au or call the team on (02) 9060 1610.