Money in your pocket: The long-term savings of chrome wheels

When it comes to your business, every minute and every dollar matters. No one wants to waste time or money on unnecessary or nonviable business tasks.

You might have read about – and seen – the superior quality and look of chrome wheels and are considering decking out your truck, bus or trailer. But how much does chroming cost, and is it a solid investment?

Fortunately, you don’t have to make a blind guess and risk making a purchase that leaves you out of pocket.

Superchrome’s life-time savings calculator was set up just for this purpose – so you can find out just how much you’re spending on maintaining your current wheels, and how that compares to the cost of chrome wheels.

Sure, they look good, but are they worth the cost?

Things to consider

The life-time savings calculator takes into consideration your current wheels, their overall condition and the sort of maintenance they require to give your rig a professional image. While these factors might not cost you much day to day, over the course of a year or more they can really add up.

Polishing time

How long does it take you to polish your wheels? Depending on rig size, the average driver can spend between 100 – 300 hours a year polishing their wheels. Whether you’re polishing the wheels yourself or have hired someone else to do it, the man hours come at a cost.

Polishing frequency

You might not think that you waste too much time polishing your truck wheels because you only do it a small number of times per year. While this might save you time and money directly, consider the image perception non-polished truck wheels give. By trying to save money on polishing costs, you could be losing on business and profit because the look of your rig just isn’t up to standard.

Number of wheels

The number of wheels on your truck – or in your fleet – will directly affect your polishing time and whether you can do the job alone or need to hire help.

Wheel life expectancy

How often are you replacing your wheels? Standard alloy truck wheels are incredibly susceptible to scratches and general wear and tear because of their relative softness. If you’re finding yourself constantly replacing wheels, your costs are higher than they need to be. The Superchrome coating provides a hard surface which can more than double the life of your wheels.

How you maintain your wheels can seriously affect your yearly costs

Spend now, save later

Determining your potential to save some serious money on your trailer or truck wheels requires you to really look at the overall time and cost that goes into your wheels weekly, monthly and yearly.

But who has time to calculate all that? Using the life-time savings calculator will give you an idea of your overall costs in just a couple of minutes, and compare them to the cost of replacing your current unpolished truck wheels with chromed ones. You might be surprised by how much spending now can save you later – it really pays to think long-term.

Chromed alloy wheels on a Kenworth truck

Could new chromed wheels actually be a cheaper choice for you?

Ready to chrome?

What are you waiting for? Find out if you’re ready – or more than ready – to chrome your wheels by trying out Superchrome’s life-time savings calculator.

It takes only two minutes and your results will be sent to you instantaneously. You’ve got nothing to lose, and potentially a whole lot (of saved time and money) to gain.

To have a chat about your results or to get started ordering your new chrome wheels, call Superchrome on (02) 9727 5622 or click here to get in touch.