Don’t let your alloy wheels bear the brunt of a rough environment

Make sure your rig’s ready for anything you come across.

All drivers know that driving through harsh environments can ruin the presentation of their wheels and their rigs image overall.

In rough environments, sandblasting and chipping of alloy wheels is all too common, resulting in drivers spending far too long polishing, cleaning, or replacing alloy wheels – even stray gravel and stones sprinkled across a road can lead to damaged alloy wheels. 

Unfortunately, damaged wheels are common when exposed to rough roads, meaning hours of time and money to bring the wheel back up to presentation requirements.

And, if the work isn’t put in to restoring the wheels, what does that say about the fleet’s ability to compete for tenders or retain contracts? Shoddy presentation standards due to ruined alloys isn’t a great look for any driver or their fleet mates.

How can I keep my rig running in rough environments?

At Superchrome, we’re experts at creating chromed wheels that stand up to harsh environments. The Superchrome hard coating means your rig’s wheels are resistant to damage during all working conditions, drivers save time maintaining their wheels, and ultimately this time translates to money in your pocket.

How does Superchrome do this?

  • The unique electroplating process boosts your alloys wear and tear resilience because of the very hard surface;
  • With nickel and chrome coatings made to withstand the environment; and
  • With our 7 year warranty which backs the reliability of our chroming process.

The below images are a set of Superchromed wheels that are in the earth moving game, meaning they are exposed to harsh environments every day. Owner of the truck, Pete Rakic, says “all it takes to clean them is a quick high-pressure wash and a very light sponge over”.

Polished Superchrome Wheel
Maintain your wheels with Superchrome

Like Pete, making a switch from standard alloy wheels to Superchrome can save you thousands in replacing chipped and damaged alloy, all while being easy to clean and maintain.

Get in touch with Superchrome and get wheels that can last in your environment. Chat to us directly on +61 (0)2 9727 5622, or fill in your details here and we will be in touch with you.