4 reasons Superchroming your wheels can increase wheel durability and improve driver safety

Standard alloy wheels wear down over time, meaning many truck, trailer, or bus owners, burn through their wheels every few years – making their rig more dangerous on the road.

Also, because of the cost of replacing wheels, it can be tempting to leave the old alloy wheels on the rig as long as possible – which is a major risk.

At Superchrome, we’re all about extending the life of your wheels, improving their durability and the safety of your guys behind the wheel. Superchroming your wheels, increases durability and safety by:

  1. Prolonging the life of the wheel due to the nickel and chrome coating on the wheel lips – reducing wear and tear;
  2. Reducing corrosion by coating the dish where the tyre is seated with nickel and chrome;
  3. Generating a hard Superchrome finish on alloy drive wheels’ results in resistance to wear from sandblasting by road gravel and dirt;
  4. Minimising the time required to clean and polish your wheels, increases durability by reducing the use of cleaning chemicals and the wear on the surface of the wheel caused by continual polishing.

Many owners come to us with different needs and we help them all improve the durability of their wheels, extend the life of their wheels, and ultimately improve driver safety.

One of the major benefits of more durable wheels is they last far longer, lowering your long term running costs.

To understand how much our Superchrome solution can save you in the long run, you can calculate your costs via the Superchrome lifetime savings cost calculator on our website.

Get in touch with the Superchrome team today to improve the safety of your rigs on the road by improving the durability of your alloy wheels.