The Coronavirus has been a catastrophe for many industries, with the final damage yet to be accounted for.

We realise some businesses may be experiencing reduced cashflows right now, and we hope they can take advantage of government subsidies being offered. To further help ease the situation, and to protect the jobs and futures of our loyal staff, customers and wider trucking community, Superchrome are offering unprecedented discounts on wheels.

We are taking this action because of the perceived social and economic impact that this situation will cause to our industry in the very near and imminent future.

These discounts are offered so businesses can maintain their image in the marketplace and so we can assist you in taking advantage of reducing your income tax bill for this year.

For those businesses who normally place Superchrome wheels on their new rigs but are now hesitant to do so because of the coronavirus situation, consideration should be taken of the costs and loss of money involved in delaying such purchases.

If wheels are not exchanged for Superchrome wheels on a new truck and instead are chromed at a later date, there is often added costs and loss of income due to downtime. These additional costs can add up to over $250 per wheel.

These additional costs arise from:

  • Polishing and cleaning before they are chromed
  • Downtime of the truck (1-3 weeks while wheels are sent to Superchrome for chroming)
  • Additional freight costs
  • Reduction of income tax payable delayed by a year

The delay could also result in chromed wheels having wear and tear marks, which cannot be polished out, caused by not having a hard chrome surface on the new wheels to protect them.

At Superchrome, we take the health, wellbeing and safety of our staff, customers and the general public extremely seriously and therefore have introduced strict measures of hygiene and “social distancing”.

Our valued customers are encouraged to call our sales staff on (02) 9060 1610 or email to see if we can help in any way in these unprecedented and difficult times.