Why Truck Wheel Maintenance Time is Wasted Time

It’s not hard to find people who believe that the time spent maintaining your truck wheels is almost as important as the time spent inside your truck.

We’re not one of them. There’s no doubt wheel maintenance is important. After all, your wheels are what get you from point A to point B. You need to take good care of them for the love of your truck and your business –and because forking out for new ones all the time isn’t cheap.

But the time spent on this task, week after week, year after year is a waste –and there’s a better way to go about it.

Is it worth your time?

Do you know how much time you spend on wheel maintenance? For most, it’s considerable –but as part of the job, you might fail to notice just how considerable.

When you add it up though, it’s hard to ignore.

Let’s just say you spend 4 hours a week(the average for truck drivers) polishing and washing your wheels. Maybe not a big hit on a weekly basis. But over time, this adds up to:

  • Over 16 hours a month
  • 200 hours a year
  • 1,000’s of hours of the lifetime of your wheel

When you’re spending a lot of your time on the road, your time off it becomes even more precious.It’s time to really consider if the ends really justify the means. Do you really want to spend 1,000’s of hours over your career simply maintaining your wheels?

Truck Wheel Maintenance

How many hours is wheel maintenance stealing from you?

More than just wheels

Wheel maintenance is not just about vanity (although there’s nothing better than a good-looking rig). There are some things you actually need from your truck wheels to run your business well:

  • They need to last the distance.
  • They need to perform well on tough terrain.
  • They need to meet presentation standards.

The problem with alloy wheels is that once they’ve hit the road, no amount of maintenance can get them back to their original glory.

Alloy wheels are naturally quite soft – meaning they’re easy to dent, scratch and mark.

While they’re the easy and popular wheel option, there is one small change you can make when buying wheels to increase the toughness and decrease the maintenance.
And that’s choosing Superchrome.

Chrome Truck Wheels

Your wheels need to stand up to long journeys and tough terrain

Don’t work harder – buy smarter

You expect a lot from your truck, and in return it expects a bit of TLC from you. But time-consuming maintenance isn’t the only answer.

Chrome wheels offer you the best of both worlds – good looking, high-performing wheels that don’t take the whole weekend to keep in top condition.

Chrome wheels are tough and built to last – without the hundreds of hours of maintenance:

  • Chroming doubles the lifespan of alloy wheels
  • Chrome wheels are resistant to sandblasting
  • A quick clean and they look brand new

In fact, you can clean them in as little as 41 seconds (that’s only 39 minutes a year).

Investing in chrome truck wheels is not only an investment in wheels, but in your own free time.

Chromed alloy wheels on a Kenworth truck

Save time – go chrome

Superchrome can help you make your investment in chrome truck wheels go further. After pioneering the technology for chromed alloy wheels, Superchrome are also the only company in the world who offers a 7-year warranty.

To get in touch with Superchrome, click here.

Want to know how much time (and money) going chrome will save you? Try the lifetime savings calculator on our website.

Jump onboard with chrome plating

If you’re ready to chrome, you can check out how to buy your Superchrome wheels, or click here to talk to a member of the team.