Why should you choose chrome wheels?

Are you sick of the high costs of maintaining a professional rig?

We all know the long-run costs of maintaining your rig is one of the major factors that eats into your profits. Have you considered which components of your rig you can invest in to guarantee a return?

Chances are you’re currently running a rig with aluminium alloy wheels. These wheels tend to get banged up fairly quickly on the road, leaving your fleet worse for wear and in desperate need of replacement alloy.

This is a cost that comes straight off your bottom line and without a solution can eat up thousands in profits. What steps can you take to mitigate the damage done to your alloy wheels?

Save money on maintenance costs with chromed alloy wheels

The process of electroplating alloy truck and coach wheels took years to develop and there is only one supplier in Australia which has mastered the art. Electroplating alloy wheels provides a range of benefits which in the long run ultimately save money on the maintenance costs of your professional rig.

Clearly, there is an aesthetic component to chrome plating alloy but the real reason why so many drivers are opting to Superchrome their wheels is because of the added longevity and durability to the wheel.

The cost of chrome plating your wheels is significantly less than the cost of replacing your alloy when it starts getting worse for wear. This ultimately leads to significant savings in long-run costs, meaning you can spend more money maintaining your professional image, or going on holidays.

What are the benefits of Superchromed alloy wheels?

1. Durability

Chrome has a hardness of 850- 1050HV (63- 70 Rockwell C) compared to regular alloy (40 Rockwell C). This means your Chrome plated wheels are nearly as hard as titanium nitrate and diamond, without being nearly as heavy or costly.

This additional hardness means your wheels are much less likely to have lip wear, sandblast or suffer pit marks from road gravel. Over time, this added durability will outpace all alloy wheels – reducing your long term running costs and more than doubling the life of your rig’s alloy wheels.

2. 7 Year Warranty

Once Superchrome electroplates your alloy wheels we warrant the finish for 7 years. This is already well above the warranties you’ll get from commercial retailers and show how confident we are of the process.

3. Time spent cleaning

Chrome has much lower friction than that of polished steel. This means it’s far easy to clean and will stay clean for longer. The amazing thing about this finish is it requires no polishing, which will enhance the look of your rig and the professional image of your business.

Critically, Superchrome alloy wheels save you time cleaning your rig. If you factor the opportunity cost of this time into your estimation of value, it’s easy to see how Superchrome provides more value outside of quality.

4. Environmentally sound

The Rotterdam convention is a multilateral treaty designed to help control and manage the importation of hazardous chemicals. 155 parties around the world are included in the convention which lists 47 chemicals that are known to be dangerous to humans and the environment.

Chrome plating uses none of the toxic substances used in the convention.

What should I do next?

Superchrome’s unique chromed alloy wheels last significantly longer than their plain alloy counterpart. In the long run, this means the cost of NOT plating your alloy wheels is significantly higher than what you’ll spend on plating.

At Superchrome we’re the only company in Australia with the technical skills to plate your rig’s alloy wheels that will confidently last a lifetime.

Call us today on (02) 9727 5622 to get wheels that are more durable, easier to clean, look better, have a 7 year warranty, and will ultimately lower the high cost of maintaining your professional rig.